The Absurd Horror

by ...From The Deep

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"The entire EP is tumultuous, picking you up on the melodic pieces just to drop you on your fragile melon during the metallic onslaughts. …From the Deep’s ability to mix and mash genres together while never getting confused about their true identity is a feat all in its own. The odd time signatures, tempo changes and the complete hyperactivity of the EP catch you off guard more than you’re willing to admit."

"Although there are elements of accessibility, like the gorgeous melodic intros to “The Triumph of Sisyphus” and “Labyrinth (of melting thoughts)”, …From the Deep’s debut EP is a pummeling assault of odd time signatures, tremolo picking, sudden tempo changes, and blast beats of truth. The majority of the cuts alternate between death/black metal influences, often interchanging on a dime, effortlessly segued by a ferocious yet precise rhythm section."

"Each opus swells like the tide with a natural yet rhythmic rise and fall making the tension in each song more visceral and the release more satisfying. Musically, the band is as unpredictable as the changes in the sea by straddling between nefarious black metal and downtrodden thrash. Vocally, the band is a tortured soul twisted by the waves and swept to sea crying out for rescue."

"Their newest EP, The Absurd Horror, is technical and relentless, and features a wild variety of harsh vocal techniques and audio experimentation."

"In my opinion ...From the Deep are a very great sounding melodic and technical mixture of black, death and groove metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "The Unspeakable" and 'We Will All Be Trees". 8 out of 10."
-- A Different Shade of Black Metal,


released July 11, 2015

Nicholas Kaminski - drums
Jacob Sparling - guitars
David Solomon - bass
Michael Birch - guitars
Graham Cwinn - vocals

All music written and performed by ...From The Deep.
Lyrics by Graham Cwinn. Artwork by James Gollner.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Arend Nijhius.
Guitar tracking by Paul Walsh.

© ...From The Deep 2015



all rights reserved


...From The Deep Ottawa, Ontario

dark, heavy sounds.

mike - guitar
andrew - guitar
dave - bass

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Track Name: Triumph of Sisyphus
fortnight father of cursed Bellerophon, meridian of manipulation;
such vaunting and vainglories: ees dluoc seye eniht ylno fi the
maledictions spawned forth from a rancid well of fetid hubris.
avaricious; your thirst for gold, unquenching, that runs liquid
and red. DOWN. DOWN YOU MUST BE DRAGGED. deeper and darker into the disparaging domain of Tartarus.. treachery again: deceiving Thanatos to wear thine shackles, such that the process of mortal death ceased to be; pride so strong, you would sentence the world to eternal aging..
STONE OF THINE OWN PECCANCY AND SHAME. the Apex, but all was for naught as thine disgrace rolls EEHT OT KCAB to be toted once again. SUCH MADNESS: insanity consumed via the most arduous and mundane task. WITH A THUNDER OF SARDONIC FANFARE we revel in the triumph of Sisyphus.

cidimorb siht fo snoitroporp elbanimretni eht"
ma i dna ,yaced s'dnim ym ezylatac tnemngissa
"..elbakaepsnu eht fo snoisiv eseht to detcejbus
Track Name: The Unspeakable
FILTHY and repulsive, squirming and secreting fluids as they go
and your eyes start to look more like satellites; WHO PUT THEM
THERE? AND WHAT ARE THEY LOOKING FOR? i have seen your seert
fo nedrag terces that walk about on their roots and i have heard
those ominous sounds they UTTER when you condemn them to burn..
i am oppressed by the crimson sun, HANGING IN THE SKY like an
aborted fetus splattered onto the canvas: and i know for certain
that it brings this harvest most grim -- and i am the meaty crop
chosen for this REAPING OF OBSCENITY....

they have tunneled a path in my mouth, and those disgusting larvae ingest my tongue, sliding down my esophagus timov ot em secrof hcihw; and i imagine doolb htiw der si ti taht, and filled with insects of all sorts, and it is scalding: it erodes the flesh on my hands and the insides of my gullet.

!!traeh nettor ym gnitae era ytidrusba fo stoggam eseht ,raews i
Track Name: Labyrinth [of melting thoughts]
your subsistence
is DI
faster than you could ever imagine. when did everything become so DESPONDENT? your rationality will LEVARNU beyond the constraints
of psychoanalysis:

si ereht
esaeler on
...feiler fo

so you consume me, YLIAD ECIWT, to fend off
these cidomsaps torrents of grotesquery....

will this sc|hi|sm|ed world which you perceive
ever ngisnoc to order and peace?
Track Name: We Will All Be Trees
SUDDENLY, AND VIOLENTLY, it began: there was a ruomalc and a great ytniatrecnu as all the people of this earth, as though one being,
RECOILED IN AGONY. cars crashed into buildings and bodies were
hurled through the air in a storm of SSALG DNA HSIUGNAL. all were writhing, veins throbbing as though to break through hide pulled tight; KCAB LLOR SEYE; retching and screaming and then, with a terrible ripping and squelching, hardened vascular systems POPPED OUT OF FLESH. torsos were rent asunder, AND SKULLS CRAC|KED OPEN as mighty oaks B U R S T SEKALF DEDDERHS HGOURHT of skin. a necessary extraction of that ralugnis presence that is human consciousness. all around, the soil is stained dark and red; but these trees are here to feast on the remains of this humanity they have shed.