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self-released Demo

"The Crows Know Something - this track is a demonstration of just how advanced this genre is, moving away from the (incorrect) preconception that death or extreme metal is simply noise and instead treating you to some intricately put together, powerful music. At 9 minutes long, this is more of a journey than a simple track, but take the time to listen to it and you’ll be in for a treat, moving through the track like movements of a carefully designed opera and leaving you gasping for more as the track finally comes to a close."

"The band's demo definitely shows the talent they would further demonstrate on The Absurd Horror."


released December 24, 2010

Nicholas Kaminski - drums
Jacob Sparling - guitars
David Solomon - bass
Michael Birch - guitars
Graham Cwinn - vocals

music by ...From The Deep, lyrics by Graham
recorded, mixed, and mastered by Paul Walsh



all rights reserved


...From The Deep Ottawa, Ontario

dark, heavy sounds.

mike - guitar
andrew - guitar
dave - bass

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Track Name: The Crows Know Something
eyes staring right through me, into an imposing rift of chaos and calamity: so grim, so black, so cold.... turn the crimson in my veins to ice; The Hardening: my heart, my mind every fabric of my being suspended, ensnared! i feel them coming closer, smothered with rot.
corpses all around: i'm knee deep in the dead. shades circle and blacken the sun. do not touch me with those hands whose fingers are sprouting fingers of their own. we're drowning: thick ebony blood obstructs our lungs as the ghouls smother us with decaying shit.
cracked nails dig in, digits caked in mud; jaws part and meet again as we all sink deeper into The Pit. a storm of putrid wings; blood and tattered flesh relieved by ebony hooks; a hideous, incessant cry
forever branded in my frigid soul.... Lazarus to the dogs, they lick my leper wounds: crusted, infected, seeping and infested. the flies nestle 'neath mine blistered skin. consumed, oppress, descending into hate: everything turns black........
Track Name: Hypnalis
the vast chasm of emptiness opens before us, stretching across the horizon. i invoke the universe to purge the scum and cleanse the filth you've vomited on the earth. i open the portal: release my intestines, my lungs, and all my insides. release my hate, release my love and all that's contained in this husk of a human form. for too long you have fed from our land, penetrating the chaste soil of our mother; for too long you've enslaved our minds, binding our souls in self-inflicted misery. but now thou shalst be silenced. the apex of deceit lurks behind your shape-shifting eyes. i incur the hole in my chest to expunge the zenith of celestial lies: grand defecation of a cyclopean nature to smother and consume the gorgons being expelled from your throat. for too long you've been eating our children, ripping them from the womb and feasting on stillborn flesh; far too long you've been dominating this plane, constructing a monolithic empire to conquer the stars.. i have witnessed the depravity of your sycophantic vows, everyone is a pawn in your twisted game. behold the nothingness that stands before you: you writhe and crawl before my feet like an obsequious worm. i stamp you out. grand defecation of a cyclopean nature to smother and consume the gorgons being expelled from your throat.